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10’x40’ space for limousines, trolleys, or buses, one 8’ table & two chairs, and electricity and wi-fi.

Download Contract Here:

2024 Wedding Expo Contract


  • Wedding Expo 2024 Summary


    1. Each limousine, trolley, and bus vendor is provided a 10'x40' space.

    2. The booth package includes one 8’ table and two chairs, electricity with wireless internet. Extra tables and chairs are not included. Power strips available only on request.

    3. SIMPLE Signage will be provided if requested.


    1. A general advertising package will be provided by the Jaycees of the Quad Cities that promotes the event. This includes in print, websites, tickets, Facebook, print media, radio, and television.

    2. To be included in print advertising, your contract must be received no later than October 31, 2022. No discount is given for vendors signing up for the Wedding Expo and missing the advertising deadline.



    I understand that as a vendor, I will participate in Wedding Expo 2024 on Saturday, January 27, 2024 and agree to the following:

    • That to guarantee the right to a booth a signed contract and full payment must be received by the Jaycees of the Quad Cities. If not paid in full, my business forfeits the right to the booth and the Jaycees have the right to immediately release the booth for resale.
    • That all payments to the Jaycees of the Quad Cities for the Wedding Expo are non-refundable. No refunds will be issued for any reason.
    • That the Wedding Expo will take place under all weather conditions, barring decision by the River Center to close. In the event the River Center closes due to weather, no refund will be given. If our obligations under the contract are not met for any reason beyond our control, our failure is completely excused and we may cancel the contract and no refund will be issued. This includes but is not limited to strikes, labor disputes, accidents, government restrictions on travel, venue operations, goods or supplies, act of war, and acts of God.
    • That my business will be given the right to use the Jaycees of the Quad Cities lead list that will be accumulated from the Wedding Expo participants. This may be used in advertising my business but may not be resold, given, or distributed to any other person or business for any reason. The list is the property of the Jaycees of the Quad Cities. No guarantees are given for 100% correct information given to the Jaycees of the Quad Cities by Wedding Expo participants.
    • That I will be allowed to give away free samples from my booth location. Some events may require special licenses and it is the client’s responsibility to acquire all specific authorizations and permits through that particular agency. This includes the Scott County Health Department and Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division.
    • I will not be able to block the aisles or go outside the boundaries of the booth with tables, trays, noise, or salespeople. Flyer may not be placed outside vendors booth. No vendor display or interactions are allowed outside the boundaries of their booth for safety purposes. 
    • That microphones, smoke machines, and open flame candles (i.e. any candle must be contained in a proper holder or votive cup) will not be allowed to be used by any vendor. Music will be allowed, but it must be kept low so as to not bother the booths in the area. Appropriate volume will be determined by the Jaycees of the Quad Cities. If the Jaycees of the Quad Cities request, I agree to immediately turn off all equipment or blow out any candles not in compliance with River Center policies.
    • That there will be only one contract for booths accepted from each home party company. I.E., there will only be one booth contract accepted from Pampered Chef and one booth contract from Mary Kay. Booth contracts will be given on a first come first serve basis, in this instance once full payment is received.
    • That contacting other vendors participating in the Wedding Expo to offer additional services will not be permitted without obtaining permission of the Jaycees of the Quad Cities.
    • That I will not be able to sublet or sell any part of the booth I purchase to any vendor, business, or individual. From my booth I am only able to promote my own product or service and no other business.  If I am a representative for another business, I may only have their name mentioned in the fliers or advertising of my own business and may not give away their fliers or business cards separately or put in as inserts. No equipment or representative from another business that does not have a booth in the Wedding Expo may be present in my booth at any time. Stated simply, you are only allowed to promote your product or service from your booth. Anyone breaking these rules will be asked to remove the item in question. If a second request is required, the vendor will be expelled from the facilities immediately without any refund.
    • That if any of the above sections of this contract are violated, I understand I will be expelled from Wedding Expo immediately. I understand that if the Jaycees of the Quad Cities do this, I will not be refunded any portion of my payment.
    • The vendor assumes the entire responsibility and liability including but not limited to judgments, awards for damages, equitable relief and defense costs, and for any and all claims or causes of action that may be brought against the Jaycees of the Quad Cities as a result of the conduct of the vendor, including the conduct of any vendor’s employees or guests. The vendor releases and holds harmless the Jaycees of the Quad Cities from any and all such cost, loss, damage, expense, responsibility, or liability.
    • The parties agree that in the event of a breach, either of them may pursue any remedies available not inconsistent with this agreement, either in law or equity, and jurisdiction and venue shall be proper in Scott County, Iowa. The breaching party shall be responsible for all costs incurred as a result of such breach, (i.e. returned check fee of $50), or in order to enforce the agreement, including but not limited to all reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by the non-breaching party.


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